Film production with meaning!



Best Feature Film

«The Doctor»  (Russian Federation, 2022) – Director Artyom Temnikov

Best Short film

«Cohabitation» (Russian Federation, 2022) – Director David Pozdyrka

Best Animation film

«Witchfairy» (Belgium, 2022) – Director Cedric Igodt, David Van de Weyer

Best Documentary Film

«Elderly astronomer» (Russian Federation, 2023) –  Director Maxim Katkov

Best Film about teachers and mentors

«Not a mistake» (Russian Federation, 2023) – Director Alexander Ermolin 

Best Film about human rights

«Clothes that teach to live» (Russian Federation,  2022) – Director Varvara Ganshina

Best  Film for children

«You smell like pilaf» (Russian Federation,  2023 ) – Director Margherita Kharkovskaya

Best Best Adaptation

«The happiest day» (Russian Federation, 2022) – Director Uliana Grimuta 

Best Music Video

«Little Somebody» (Russian Federation, 2021) – Director Yaroslav Bulavin

Best  Public service announcement

«Call to the world» (Russian Federation, ) – Director Natalya Belyaeva

Best Trailer 

«Reyn: I’ll Find a Way» (Austria,  2022) – Director Shelly Gertan

Best Poster

«Father’s House»  (Russian Federation, 2023) –  Konstantin Alexandrov 

Special prize from the organizing committee

«Don’t bury me without Ivan» (Russian Federation, 2022) – Director Lyubov Borisova









 Best Feature Film

«Doctor Liza» (Russian Federation, 2020) – Director Oksana Karas

Best Short film

«APPLE TREE» (Russian Federation, 2021) – Director Olga Azhnakina

Best Animation film

«KAVAL» (Macedonia, 2020) – Director Sasha Stanishik

Best Documentary Film

«SPARK» (Russian Federation, 2020) – Directors Nikita Kolesov, Anastasia Zulina

Best Film about human rights

«The Sky Pulled Over Our Eyes» (Russian Federation, 2021) – Director Alexey Sizov

Best Film for children

«Railway» (Russian Federation, 2020) – Director Natasha Popova

Best Adaptation

«Moscow slide» (Russian Federation, 2021) – Director Radda Novikova

Best Music Video

«Bruno S.» (Poland, 2020) – Director Yoanna Ayers

Best Public service announcement

«EarlyBird: The Awakening» (Bulgaria, 2020) — Director Sergey Zhelezko

Best Film up to 120 seconds

«Orders» (Spain, 2021) – Director Roberto I. Ercolalo

Best Trailer 

«Trip Around The World» (Russian Federation, 2021) – Director Yulia Kuznetsova

Best Photo 

«At the Pink Planet» (Ukraine) – Yevhen Samuchenko