Best Feature film

«Seven pairs of unclean» (Russia, 2018) – directors Kirill Belevich, Yurii Il’in

Best Short film

«My name is Petya» (Russia, 2019) – director Daria Binevskaya

«Portraitist» (Luxembourg, 2019) – director Cyrus Neshvad

Best Documentary film

«In a small town… » (Russia,2018) – director Sofia Kirsanova

Best Film about human right

«Thousands Of Faces» (Russia, 2018) – director Anastasia Shtandke

Best Film for children

«From up there» (Italy, 2018) – director Teresa Paoli

Best Adaptation

«Captain» (Russia, 2019) – director Anna Sterkhova

Best Animation film

«Sylvia» (United States, 2019) – director Meirav Haber

Best Music Video

«Nebo (Sky)» (Croatia, 2019) – director Marina Uzelac

Best Public service announcement

«USLP Shower» (India, 2018) – director Bauddhayan Mukherji

Best Film and video up to 120 seconds

«The Last Cigarette On Earth: A Steampunk Adventure» (Slovenia, 2018) – director Matic Grgic

Best Poster

«PROVIDENCE» Official Movie Poster (United States, 2019) – Monarch